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The purpose of Christian Supply Chain Buying Group (CSC Buying Group) is to facilitate quality products and services at the best possible negotiated prices for the benefit of its members.

  • CSC Buying Group evaluates all membership applications and will accept or deny applications as it sees fit.
  • CSC Buying Group has negotiated discounts with suppliers and distributors that may generate rebates. All revenue derived from CSC Buying Group is utilised in the support of the ministry of Christian camping through Christian Venues Association (CVA).
  • Permission is granted for suppliers to provide CSC Buying Group with appropriate sales data. Permission is also granted for your contact details to be communicated to CSC Buying Group suppliers and for them to contact you directly with CSC Buying Group contracted offers. CVA and CSC Buying Group will protect any such data through the CSC Buying Group Privacy Policy.
  • You will not divulge details of any benefits or pricing provided to you, by CSC Buying Group or any supplier through the CSC Buying Group arrangement, without the express written permission of CSC Buying Group.
  • CSC Buying Group Members will conduct their business and personal affairs in an ethical manner such that their actions will not adversely affect the reputation of CSC Buying Group as a Christian ministry nor discredit the greater Christian community.
  • CSC Buying Group members will not be in opposition to the Christian ethos of the Buying Group.
  • Membership in CSC Buying Group by organisations or individuals who provide services similar to that which members of CVA provide, may only join CSC Buying Group via membership in CVA.
  • Membership in CSC Buying Group is free. There is no minimum spend required for membership.
  • You will pay your accounts as required by CSC Buying Group Suppliers and maintain a satisfactory credit rating.
  • CSC Buying Group will work with you to source and select the most suitable products that meet your quality requirements and are of the best value for money.
  • Service Review: CSC Buying Group will meet with suppliers and distributors on a regular basis to discuss the overall supply process with the purpose of continuous improvement.
  • CSC Buying Group members will be sent Emails with relevant information from CSC Buying Group and promotions from suppliers.
  • Membership in CSC Buying Group may place you on CVA’s publications mailing list.
  • You agree that any liability of CSC Buying Group in relation to any supply of goods or services by suppliers of CSC Buying Group shall be limited to the amount of rebates paid to CSC Buying Group in respect of goods and services purchased by you. You agree that any claims in excess of this, will be the liability of the suppliers that supplied the goods or services.
  • You grant to CSC Buying Group permission to include your organisational name as a member of CSC Buying Group in promotional material and or websites.
  • If you breach any of the above Terms & Conditions, membership & its benefits may be withdrawn.

CSC stands for Christian ______ Chain

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